About Us

This blog is the creation of two twisted minds; the brothers Kelts.

Andrew Kelts is a budding filmmaker in his own right. Andrew has worked on several indie films, including the recent Skills Like This. He is currently writing two screenplays; a story of the life of Crazy Horse and an original script he calls Angels and Demons (no relation to the Dan Brown book of the same title). He can be reached by sending a letter to: FlamingDP@cinemaddicts.org.

Eric Kelts is a longstanding fan of movies with a fetish for sci-fi. Although his primary movie-making outlet has been Super-8 films as a child, he parlayed this interest into the creation of this site, which he hopes will provide an honest alternative to the staid review fodder pandered by many organized reviewers. Since he is beholden to no commercial entity for his funding, he tries to make his reviews as objective as possible. He can be reached by sending a letter to: EricTheRed@cinemaddicts.org.

We are always open to the talents of new reviewers, and to commentary on our own reviews. This is meant to be a community site, where anyone with interest, objectivity and the ability to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the more likely case may be) can discuss movies freely and openly. Our only rule is; although you can s**t and f**k, please do not do so without asterixes in place to at least maintain a veneer of decency online.

We are NOT open to spammers, those peddling sex sites or “natural male enhancement.” Anyone trying to do so will be permanently banned from posting on the site. We are also not open to anyone peddling bigotry, racism or other forms of stupidity.

So sit back, read, enjoy–then fire off a comment telling us how awesome we are or why we suck after you see the movie.

Oh wait. . . .the previews are rolling. . . .gotta run. . . .