Does anyone else think that Paris Hilton gets FAR more attention than she needs or deserves? I mean, if you’re into plastic surgery, artificial breasts and inflated ego, she’s the one; but I find myself underwhelmed by her, and amazed at the amount of attention that this bleach-blonde bimbo seems to receive. In this ad for Devassa beer (I think the translation from Portuguese means “blonde not known for doing Kegels” or something like that), she seems to be paying far too much attention to a sweating beer can. And what’s up with the eyelid?


I remember a few years ago I discovered a picture of Pamela Anderson before the bleaching, breast enlargement and overall plastic reconstruction. I was struck by how beautiful she was. It led me to question the very nature of our definitions of beauty–when someone who is actually beautiful in a girl-next-door kind of fashion feels that she has to increase the size of this, change the color of that, thin out this, thicken that. We live in a crazy world.


Regretfully, this is not the exact picture that I am referring to (in the picture I saw, her hair was brown), but the point is made.

But back to Paris Hilton. This woman has reached the pinnacle of narcissism and media manipulation when an argument about a television commercial in Brazil with her arguably “accomodating” a beer car can garner so much attention (don’t read too much into that sentence–the commercial is not as good as you might think).

We need better definitions of beauty, so that our daughters, sisters, and wives don’t think that we would all prefer—this. . . . .


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