Iron Man: Take 2

Elf was a decently funny movie. Swingers was a cult classic. Zathura was even entertaining, albeit more so for the younger audience.

No doubt, Jon Favreau has done some quality work behind the camera. Who knew he was saving his best until now? I didn’t. But I do know this: Iron Man freakin’ rocked my face off.

As my brother recently articulated, Iron Man is the story of the enigmatically suave tech geek Tony Stark and his change from carefree weapons manufacturer to rocket propelled super-hero. The movie is rife with quick, witty humor and intensely paced action. Without a doubt, Robert Downey, Jr. deserves much of the credit for bringing a charm to Stark that might have otherwise been missing.

The really great thing about this movie, though, is the direction by the aforementioned Favreau. He brilliantly balances character development, action, humor and special effects to create something that is more than just a super-hero movie. Not surprisingly, this balance leads to a level of believability that lets the audience relate to the hero on screen, even if he is in a giant titanium suit.

Overall, I was really impressed with this movie. I found myself thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire event and finally saw a movie I wasn’t ashamed to have paid for on opening weekend.

(***) Jessicas out of four. See it, love it.


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