The Bank Job

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Roger Donaldson’s new film, The Bank Job, is inconsistent but enjoyable. Donaldson has made his name with prior films such as Cadillac Man, The Getaway, and Thirteen Days.

Reportedly a true story, The Bank Job tells the story of a petty criminal named Terry Leather (played adequately by an uncharacteristically non-choppy-socky Jason Statham) who is offered the opportunity to lead a bank heist. He is joined in his efforts by a motley collection of pseudo-criminals, including the comely Martine Love (Saffron Burrows), soft-featured Dave Shilling (Daniel Mays), and several others.

However, all is not as it seems. The heist is actually an attempt by British Intelligence to obtain a collection of compromising photos taken of Princess Margaret and being used for blackmail. The photos are being held in a safe deposit box, which is the ostensible target for the heist.

To complicate matters, also in the vault is a vast collection of other blackmail material, including compromising pictures of members of parliament, a local pornographer’s ledger for payments made to corrupt cops. This creates a complex web of interaction between seedy police officers, compromised British Intelligence operatives, pornographers and criminals, and our hapless and unsophisticated bank robbers.

The movie begins inconsistently, with a combination of musical montages and stilted interactions between characters on the show. Toward the middle, however, it seems to catch its stride and remains enjoyable through the end of the film.

I enjoyed it overall despite initial mixed feelings about the film. I give it two-and-a-half Jessicas out of four. Certainly worth a rental or matinee.


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