What if everything that you believed was wrong? What if there actually were WMDs in Iraq and VP Dick Cheney was a genuinely nice guy that you’d want to spend the day hunting with? But I digress. . . .

What if someone came up to you tomorrow and told you that the world was going to end in 30 days. Would you believe him/her? This is essentially what was told to the members of Rev. Jim Jones’ cult before they drank the kool-aid. Would you drink the kool-aid with them?

What if that person had a way to save humanity from utter destruction? And what if he walked up to you and calmly explained it to you and invited you to join a group of people destined to carry on the human race.

Would you believe him?

This is the question posed by this film. In a world of crazy belief systems, how do you respond to someone with yet another perceived crazy belief system?

There are no easy answers.

This film is one of the first from the Raw Feed production company, which was started by one of the creative minds behind the Blair Witch Project. It is smart, original, frightening and interesting; with relatively good acting efforts from its cast and limited but adequate special effects.

Given its relatively small production budget and time contraints, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will not go into the plot to prevent giving away key plot twists. I will say, however, that it is worth a rental.

2 1/2 Jessicas out of a possible 4. Not perfect, but well done.


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