My daughter is absolutely apesh*t over the Disney Princesses. Give her Cinderella 12; Prince Charming’s Jock Itch Adventure or The Little Mermaid 23; Mermaid or Girl, Make Up Your Frickin’ Mind Already, and she’ll eat them them up like leftover Halloween candy.

Disney of course, is well aware of the love many small girls have for the Disney Princess franchise. As such, its latest offering, Enchanted, milks the Disney Princess teat with an almost passionate fervor. Enchanted is full of bland delights and some fun.

The story is a simple one. The lead character, Giselle (played with abandon by comely newcomer Amy Adams), is a stereotypical Disney princess, complete with the requisite Prince Edward (James Marsden), evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), and singing rodents and birds.

Giselle has been kept from Prince Edward by the mechinations of Queen Narissa and her henchman. However, when Edward and Giselle do meet and fall in love in typical Disney movie style, Queen Narissa pushes Giselle down a well, which contains some sort of a portal to the “real” world.

Once she crawls from under a manhole and into the human world, Giselle is assisted by by the oddly named Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), who is understandingly perplexed by Giselle’s princess-like ways. Robert has a young daughter, Morgan Philip (played by Rachel Covey), and the two of them try to help Giselle to get back home.

As Giselle spends more time in the real world she progressively becomes more “real.” This includes the development of unexpected feelings for Robert, and eventually, to Prince Edward’s chagrin, the two fall in love.

However, for reasons that are not completely clear, Queen Narissa becomes progressively more fixated on killing Giselle. Eventually, after poison apples fail, she changes herself into a huge dragon and attempts to eat Giselle, and later Robert.

The animation is well done during the first part of the movie. However, the computer generated dragon is nothing particularly special, it looks clearly CG and detracts some from the overall film.

There were a few funny and charming sequences. After Giselle wakes up in Robert’s apartment, she recruits an army of cockroaches, rats and pigeons to help tidy things up instead of her typical deer, rabbits and finches. In another sequence, Giselle breaks into song in the middle of a park and initiates a singing/dancing number from the other park patrons in a fun aside.

Overall, however, I found the humor to be a bit staid and generic. Although an interesting twist on the overal Disney Princess storyline, it somehow felt less than original following in the footsteps of Shrek and Happily Never After.

Enjoyable, but bland. I give it ** 1/2 Jessicas out of four.


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